Effective Parenting for the 21st century.

We are pleased to have Dr. Patricia Burke with us in today's Podcast.  Please review the following introduction before listening. We believe you will find each of our Podcasts to be spiritually uplifting and in many ways educational. You are welcome to listen to the Podcast as many times as you like. Come back often to learn about future Podcasts within our various Posts.

Subject:  Effective Parenting for the 21st Century

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Patricia Burke

Patricia Burke is a licensed social worker with a doctorate in hypnotherapy.  She has a counseling practice in Arlington, Texas, in which she assists individuals, couples, and families learn skills that help them function more effectively in their worlds.

She began offering Christian Counseling after she felt ‘called’ to become licensed in the ministry, which she accomplished in 1999.  She remains active teaching social work at the University of Texas at Arlington and providing continuing education seminars at various locations.

She has written a Biblical study guide: Bible Notes, Chapter By Chapter Summary of The Bible, which began as a quick reference for herself so she would know what was in the Bible.   It is written in easy to understand language, with common Scriptures in bold print, and teachings to live by in italics.  It is available on Amazon and on her website: burkebiblenotes.com.

817-247-8706   plburke@burkebiblenotes.com


1. On Sunday, September 22, 2019, 15:52 by jane S

Your podcast on parenting had really blessed me. You provided many useful tips. Thank you Dr. Burke.

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