Why Do We Believe?

Today's Guest Is: Rev. Randy Duke
Subject: "Why Do You Believe"

Randy Duke has held executive management positions with Silicon Valley High Tech companies for over 30 years, while simultaneously working with youth ministries and teaching adult Christian Apologetics classes at a variety of Bay Area churches.

While serving as the executive Director for Santa Clara Valley Youth for Christ, Randy witnessed the explosion of teenage adoption of smartphones ... and how satan had corrupted mobile technology through sexting and pornographic content.

Converting his apologetics class content to 160 character proofs of Christ's truths, Randy created PocketTruths, a texting ministry to Gen Z and Millennials.

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We count it a blessing to serve you today.

Dr. Bruce Oliver


1. On Monday, October 7, 2019, 23:00 by Jeff

Randy, thank you for providing details on apologetics. I learned a lot.

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