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One Talent Faithful is a system developed by Rev. Ron Schubert of Belleville, Michigan to encourage pastors and their churches. This teaching is based on Matthew 25:14-28. If you are a pastor or you know a pastor, this podcast hits home and will get you thinking.

Title: One Talent Faithful - A Conference To Encourage Pastors

Speaker: Rev. Ron Schubert

Ron is the co-founder of SOAR Ministries, a non-profit organization created to equip and empower local churches and their various ministries. Ron is often invited to speak and teach at numerous leadership training events across the U.S. and Internationally. He spends a great deal of time training and mentoring church consultants.

Dr. Bruce Oliver, received his Church Consultant certification in 2008 through SOAR Ministries. Both Ron and Bruce offer the One Talent Faithful seminars to pastors in their ministry areas. Pastors will learn about "The Map To Church Revitalization". In order for a church to reach its God ordained Destination, we take the pastors through Six Progressions. Pastors will learn various barriers that churches have in accomplishing their journey. The Seminar which Bruce offers is an action packed 4 hours of encouragement and challenges. Pastors leave with a sense that they have just been uplifted and had a good time of fellowship no less received awesome teaching material.

You may reach Rev. Ron Schubert at 734-320-1725 and Dr. Bruce Oliver at 972-641-8242 for further questions. You may visit Dr. Bruce Oliver's website at to learn more and sign-up for the next seminar.

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