An OB-GYN Physician's View On Abortion

An OB-GYN Physician's View On Abortion We are extremely blessed to announce that Ralph Wiegman MD is our featured guest speaker on the subject of Abortion. Dr. Ralph has his practice in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and as you listen you will learn he has strong Christian convictions.

Title: An OB-GYN Physician's View On Abortion

Speaker: Ralph Wiegman MD

Dr. Wiegman shares how he started his training with instructors who believed that women should have abortions.
It was not long after his training that he realized that he was a Pro-Life physician. God has touched his life and now he is an advocate for unborn babies.
This is a must listen to podcast. Be sure to give your comments.

You may reach Dr. Ralph Wiegman by email at ralphtwiegman (at) or send questions and comments by U.S. Mail to: Ralph T Wiegman MD, 643 S. Great Southwest Pkwy, Ste 102, Grand Prairie, Texas 75051.

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God Bless You,
Dr. Bruce Oliver
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1. On Thursday, July 9, 2020, 21:36 by Teresa

Powerful Interview!

2. On Thursday, December 24, 2020, 16:01 by Ray

This was a great interview Dr. Bruce! Yes the Word explains in 139 Psalm that God knew me when I was yet unformed. It warms my heart to know he knew me before and my mother and father wanted me.

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